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The undermentioned Cattle Feed Raw Materials requirement have been placed at NCDFI e-auction platform.Kindly participate,if desired through the website proposed e-auction date is 26-09-2022.

Tender on existing and Revised Payment Condition.

Serial No Item Quantity
1 Maize - 2021May 500 MT for CFP Pattanakad
2 Deoiled Rice Bran - 2021NOV 1000 MT for CFP Pattanakad
3 Rice Polish White Oil 18% Oil - 2021May 250 MT for CFP Pattanakad
4 De-corticated Cotton Seed Extraction-2020FEB 500 MT for CFP Pattanakad
5 Maize - 2021May 300 MT for CFP Malampuzha
6 Deoiled Rice Bran - 2021NOV 700 MT for CFP Malampuzha
7 De-corticated Cotton Seed Extraction-2020FEB 200 MT for CFP Malampuzha
8 Jowar (12%) 100 MT for CFP Malampuzha
9 Rice Polish White Oil 18% Oil - 2021May 150 MT for CFP Malampuzha
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