Thiruvananthapuram Regional Co-operative Milk Producers' Union Ltd (TRCMPU) was registered in 1985, as a Regional Milk Union with 4 Southern Districts of Kerala viz,Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Alappuzha and Pathanamthitta as its area of operation. TRCMPU was formed by dividing the area of operation of Kerala Milk Marketing Federation, formed for implementing OF II project in 1980, in to two viz ERCMPU with 4 northern districts under OF II area, and TRCMPU. Thiruvananthapuram Regional Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union has completed 25 years of its operation successfully. It has successfully faced odds like excessive procurement in the initial stages and consequent losses, stagnation of sales in early 1990’s and of late shortage of milk and related problems and consequent loss. With such diverse experience in the past and the talent pool it has, it can face any adverse environmental problems successfully. In 1985, Union started operation from the old Thiruvananthapuram Dairy handed over by KLD & MM Board which was selling milk in Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam districts and having a capacity of 40,000 LPD. The first Dairy plant under OF II project in TRCMPU area was commissioned at Kollam with a capacity of 60,000 LPD in 1986. Subsequently Chilling Plants with capacity of 10,000 LPD each were set up at Mannar and Pathanamthitta. New Dairy Plant at Alappuzha with a capacity of 60,000 LPD was commissioned in 1989, and new Dairy Plant with one lakh LPD capacity was commissioned at Thiruvananthapuram in 1992. The Dairy plant at Alappuzha was transferred to KCMMF in 1992 in order to facilitate operation of Powder Plant set up at Alappuzha for handling surplus milk in the State. TRCMPU AT A GLANCE: Total Milk Collection: 3,20,000 Ltrs Per Day Total Sales: 4,80,000 litrs Per Day Districts Covered: TRIVANDRUM,KOLLAM,PATHANAMTHITTA, ALAPPUZHA. TOTAL DISTRIBUTION ROUTES: 70 Nos. TOTAL NO. OF SOCIETIES: 1056 Nos. TOTAL No OF AGENTS 7200 Nos

  • Number of Employees: 126
  • Number of Societies Pouring: 227
  • Number of Agents: 1684
  • Average Procurement: 92684 LPD
  • Average Milk Sale: 118738 LPD

The Dairy was commissioned in 1986 with a capacity to handle 60,000 litres per day and subsequently expanded to handle 1.5 lakh litres per day. Quantity processed and supplied to pathnamthitta unit-45000 lpd At present 18,000 litres milk is collected through Bulk Milk Coolers and the remaining quantity in Cans.

  • Number of Employees: 67
  • Number of Societies Pouring: 164
  • Number of Agents: 1001
  • Average Procurement: 43245 LPD
  • Average Milk Sale: 62421 LPD

A New Dairy Plant with 60,000 litre per day capacity is constructed at Thatta near Adoor in Pathanamthitta district. The entire milk in the district is being collected through Bulk Milk Coolers.

  • Number of Employees: 201
  • Number of Societies Pouring: 296
  • Number of Agents: 2003
  • Average Procurement: 131691 LPD
  • Average Milk Sale: 201641 LPD

Thiruvananthapuram Dairy is Located on the way to Kovalam 4 Km from the City. The Dairy with a capacity to handle 1 lakh LPD was commissioned in 1992. The Dairy is selling milk in Thiruvananthapuram District except Chirayinkeezh Thaluk. Thiruvananthapuram Dairy started to collect the entire milk through Bulk Milk Coolers since November 2009.The capacity of the Dairy has been expanded to 2 Lakh litres per day by 2001 Now it is proposed to expand the capacity to 3 Lakh litres per day. In addition a separate block for manufacture of Products is proposed to be constructed. Thiruvananthapuram is the first "ISO 2001" certified Dairy in the State and all steps have been initiated to get HACCP for Thiruvananthapuram Dairy.